Caption Contest via ‘The Utah Bucket List’

The fine folks working on “The Utah Bucket List” posted the following photo on their Facebook page. Post your caption below. We will send the winner a book bundle including TRCP favorites, “MeatEater, Adventures from the Life of an American Hunter” and “Last Stand: Ted Turner’s Quest to Save a Troubled Planet.”

Submit your best caption by Friday. We will announce the winner at noon EDT.

Happy captioning!




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Christen Duxbury
Christen Duxbury joined the TRCP January 2010. Christen grew up with wilderness-loving parents who taught her to enjoy all the land can give, from the solitude of a mountain to the thrill of casting a fly. She came into her own as a land conservationist during her time at The Wilderness Society. Before signing on at the TRCP, she worked for an environmental campaign aimed at passing a comprehensive climate change bill in Congress. She spends most of her free time climbing rocks, paddling and enjoying the wilderness she works to protect.

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14 comments on “Caption Contest via ‘The Utah Bucket List’

  1. Samuel Paul Carlson on said:

    “Relax man, I pierced my daughters ears when she was three and even she didn’t whine as much as you!”

  2. Bruce Kamstra on said:

    quit whining
    I told you we would catch and release

  3. Frank Savino on said:

    Yeah, you’re right, that is a #22 Adams in your ear!

  4. T .A. Logan on said:

    Sit still! This is my last one and I want it back!

  5. Steve Quinn on said:

    Serves ya right for wearing a Yankees hat!

  6. David S. Palmer on said:

    I told you to bring the bait bucket!

    • Christen Duxbury on said:

      Thanks David! You are the winner. Message us your address at info[at] and we will send along your books,

      Great caption!

  7. Lolli on said:

    Hold still Cletus… I think if I can’t get this one off ya alive no fish will be able to resist this bait…. I’ll even let you put it on your hook…. Hold still dang it!!!!

  8. JoAnn on said:

    Is that a fly in your ear?

  9. Gary on said:

    That’s one mighty nice trout tramp stamp.

  10. Jim on said:

    “I told you this is my favorite fly and I’m not cutting the barb off. So just hold still while I get my pliers”.

  11. Rich Finn on said:

    What’s a matter, you never had a fish hook gently yanked out your ear before?

  12. Ashley Swanson on said:

    “Listen to this new song I wrote on my Barbie guitar”

  13. ian wiggins on said:

    grooming your fishing buddy is not only proper etiquette among river ape, its good luck!

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